Various Artists - Get Right Inside (Compiled & Mixed by Kastle)

Release date: Feb 22, 2019 via Four40 Records

Originally part of a small crop of American artists inspired by dubstep, garage, grime, jungle and other ‘nuum sounds, Kastle has transitioned through multiple aesthetic iterations since he burst into the popular consciousness 8+ years ago. The past year saw him re-focus his idiosyncratic lens on his roots of UKG and put out several tracks that received regular rotation on radio and many DJs top charts. Whether it was the instant cult classic "4 Real", the collaborations with Mind Of A Dragon, or his remixes for legends like Scott Diaz and AC Slater.

With that momentum we are happy to present "Get Right Inside", a compilation hand selected and mixed by Kastle as he continues to explore garage musics timeless sounds with hints of UK funky that perfectly fit the vibe. Half of the album is exclusive and brand new, a testament to the artists dedication to new sounds and building his own unique world.

The mix kicks off on a low-key vibe with tracks from On1 and Duncan Powell, both a bit ethereal and subtle in their details. We quickly get into an exclusive from Kastle himself, with a vocal number featuring Olivia-Louise & SAZ. As the mix rolls on it gets into some dusty bits from Exit99 and Opus -- a classic sound but still forever in the present moment. Shortly after Higgo's smooth "Interlude" the mix transitions into a few UK funky numbers from some of the best: Roska, Leda Stray, High Class Filter and Ozwald. This allows for a nice transition into some 4x4 from Tuff Culture before ending the mix on the 2-step vibe with ZeroFG's remix of "Darkside" and Cellardore's exclusive, "Get Right Inside", which you will recognize as the namesake for the album -- a nod to the compilers interest and focus on using music to affect positive psychological change inside our minds. Finally, we've got a special Kastle remix of Mind Of A Dragon's "L.T.T.M." featuring Shantie before we close out with Four40’s very own Conrad Glimpse.

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When it comes to new music informed by garage we hold our hands up, we’re the first to admit that we can be pretty sceptical. Its a genre and time we hold so dear yet many are often quick to shoot down any new song or style that uses the UK garage through some form of misplaced sense of nostalgia. LA based producer Kastle proves us and everybody else wrong with his latest offering that brings the 90s UK garage flavour with a new school twist. Did we forget to mention its an absolute banger?
— i-D Magazine