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"Kastle is an LA-hailing producer who injects garage and electronic music with bold UK influences. His tracks that gorgeously meld pop sensibilities with under-the-radar sounds have been heard at festivals spanning Coachella, Decibel, Lightining In A Bottle, and Burning Man. His “Garage & 2-Step” sample pack features thumping bass loops, tight drum loops, groovy synth lines, and more - dive into Kastle’s pristine collection of sounds and move the crowd." -- SPLICE

Announcement: R U 4 REAL EP

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Kastle - R U 4 REAL EP (Forthcoming Four40 Records)
Release date: 07/27/18

Kastle is back.

Originally part of a small crop of American artists inspired by dubstep, garage, grime, jungle and other ‘nuum sounds, Kastle has transitioned through multiple aesthetic iterations since he burst into the popular consciousness 8+ years ago. Across several releases on his own Symbols label, the Los Angeles-resident has filtered hip hop and R&B through the aforementioned UK sounds, developing a sound rife with pop consciousness and a keen sense of melody, all while retaining a strong devotion to under-the-radar sounds.

You’re just as likely to become engrossed in deep psychological motifs as you are sweltering low end in a Kastle set and the R U 4 REAL EP sees the artist taking his sound back to his UK garage and bass music roots. If there were a modern day club scene in Westworld, this would be the soundtrack. The dance floor ready tracks have already gained support from legends such as El-B & Noodles of Groove Chronicles, Control-S, Shift K3y, Mind Of A Dragon, and more.

Across best selling records, global tours and dozens of Symbols releases, Kastle has shown marked progression, his sound always developing around a core set of ideals. He has the wit and wherewithal to play large stages and tiny rooms, filtering leftfield bass music into his own idiosyncratic aesthetic. His output might not all sound the same, but a thread of never-ceasing evolution is present throughout, making Kastle one of America’s most indispensable contributions to the dance music continuum.

Kastle & Mind Of A Dragon Collaborations


Kastle & Mind Of A Dragon - Either Way / Keep It Tight
Release Date: June 15 & 22, 2018

Either Way:
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Keep It Tight:
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London producer, Mind Of A Dragon, and Kastle have created their own imprint titled "Mind Of A Kastle" to release various collaborations and remixes from friends. To start off that summer, they put out their first two releases as consecutive singles.

Kastle remixes AC Slater & Shift K3y

"After the release of AC Slater’s huge debut album Outsiders last year, we called upon the Night Bass crew to bless us with remixes of the LP. We’ll be releasing these in batches. For the second collection we’ve got epic remixes from Jack Beats, Taiki Nulight, Phlegmetic Dogs and Kastle." -- Night Bass


Guest mix for Naina @ Reprezent FM

Aired 4/13/18

01. Kastle - Strange Days
02. Kastle - 4 Real
03. Chimpo - DidDieDoDat? (Ghost Remix)
04. Mind Of A Dragon - Boom Ting
05. Zemon - Stroll
06. Pl4net Dust - Swamp
07. Negativ - Damage (Pelikann Remix)
08. Bushbaby - Sacrifice
09. Paul Lawrence & Andy Garrett - Fire
10. Murder He Wrote - Game Over VIP ft. Tasty Lopez
11. Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up! (Pangaea's Mix)
12. Solomon Eves - Funkogun
13. Mind Of A Dragon - L.T.T.M. ft. Shantie
14. Sunday Roast - Sheeba
15. Leda Stray - Vibe Lane
16. ZeroFG - What I Do
17. AC Slater & Shift K3y - Come Back (Kastle Remix)
18. CB - Room 931
19. Kastle - Darkside
20. Soulecta - Slinky (Instrumental)
21. Sully - Bullseye ft. Jamakabi
22. Resonator - I Just Can't Help Myself
23. Context - Doing Wrong
24. ENiGMA Dubz - Between Me And You
25. Groove Chronicles - Life Is What You Make It
26. Fiebs & Vic G - Lately
27. MistaKay - Where's This Love
28. I Killed Kenny - Don Crux ft Slick Don (Pedro 123 Instrumental)
29. Priceless - Ah
30. Deuce - Diamondback
31. L-Vis 1990 - Flexin ft. Taliwhoah (Garage Mix)

Garage Cuts 2 (Mix Series)

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01. Teebone - Everytime I Think Of You ft Thomas Jules Scott (Lost Files Mix 2) (1999)
02. Arridim - Giving You Up (Ghost Remix) (2018)
03. Sunship - Is This Real (1998)
04. Dub Syndicate Productions - So High (1997)
05. Beat Rivals - Gotta Be Free (Prescribe Da Vibe Remix) (2017)
06. El-Tuff - Deep Deep Love (2002)
07. Box Clever - Talk To Me (1998)
08. Mind Of A Dragon - Time (2018)
09. Echelon - By Your Side (G.E. Remix) (2018)
10. Peter Evans - Elevate Your Mind (Dub Mix) (1999)
11. Templeton Pack - I Know (1999)
12. TQD - Baked Beans (2017)
13. Strictly Dubz / Jeremy Sylvester - Realise (2009)
14. Kastle - 4 Real (2017 - Unreleased)
15. Duncan Powell - Step Till Dawn (2009)
16. Kastle - Darkside (2018 - Unreleased)
17. Vandal - Club Bully (2017)
18. C.R.S.T. - Inside (2010)
19. C.R.S.T. - May Not Be Real (2010)
20. Phuturistix - Blind Faith (2000)
21. AC Slater & Shift K3y - Come Back (Kastle Remix) (2018 - Unreleased)
22. ZeroFG - Always (Raw Dub) (2018)
23. Walter Ego - Shadows (2012)
24. Kastle - In My Mind (2018 - Unreleased)
25. El-B - Memories (2017)
26. Britalics - Pure Reality ft. Manuela (2004)
27. Urban Myths - Lies (1999)
28. RADS - Style (2004 Ramsey & Fen 2-Step Mix ft. MC Rankin) (2004)
29. Illusive - Make It Up 2 U (G-Skool ft. EJB Mad Switch Dub) (2005)
30. Groove Chronicles - Faith In U (1999)
31. Jaw Jam - Can’t Recall (2013)


Reflections (Album)

Release Date: October 14, 2016

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Kastle will release his second studio album Reflections on October 14. Clocking in at 12 tracks, the LP is a personal narrative of his journey toward self-discovery and finding inner balance. 

The producer and DJ, Kastle, born Barrett Richards has been a consistent force since his debut seven years ago. Based in Southern California but inspired by overseas genres such as garage, dubstep, grime, and jungle, Kastle filters hip-hop and R&B through a unique lens, emitting an uneasily definable sound that is simultaneously familiar and foreign, accessible yet underground, finely crafted yet gritty. As the curator of his Symbols record label, he is constantly striving to push musical boundaries and break new artists, with releases like Los Angeles duo Vindata for their dynamic 2014 EP …For One To Follow and Sweater Beats debut EP That Feel. 

It’s this dichotomy between musical advancement and artistic expression that lies at the heart of Reflections. Kastle freely admits that his role as a label head and his relentless focus on discovering what’s next led to a 12 month period of radical self-experimentation; as an artist, the rat race for new sounds overtook the purity of expression. It was a recognition of the need to re-balance that led to him swapping the concrete chaos of Downtown Los Angeles for more suburban scenery. What followed was a prolonged period of introspection and reflection, along with some Carl Jung. Gradually he was able to cast off the shackles of “newness”, indeed the album that poured forth is centered around the more classic strains of two-step and UK garage. Ironically, it took him removing his A&R hat to release his purest work to date. 

At his own musical core, Kastle is a culmination of worldly influences coming together, each with its own rich history and culture, co-existing in a colorful, diverse display. Its a breadth on full display on this album, from the dancehall-inspired experimental pop of lead single “The Future” to the wintry, Burial-esque garage tropes of “How 2 Love.” Brain-scrambling atmospherics on “Masks” feed into “Surreal’s’ frenetic drum and bass. Like the colliding of objects at the bazaars and swap meets he visits on the road, Reflections, is an arrangement of quirky collectibles spanning many genres, each possessing its own past, personality, and sense of place.

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