Kastle - R U 4 REAL - 3000x3000.jpg

Kastle - R U 4 REAL EP (Forthcoming Four40 Records)
Release date: 07/27/18

01. 4 Real
02. In My Mind
03. Darkside

Kastle is back.

Originally part of a small crop of American artists inspired by dubstep, garage, grime, jungle and other ‘nuum sounds, Kastle has transitioned through multiple aesthetic iterations since he burst into the popular consciousness 8+ years ago. Across several releases on his own Symbols label, the Los Angeles-resident has filtered hip hop and R&B through the aforementioned UK sounds, developing a sound rife with pop consciousness and a keen sense of melody, all while retaining a strong devotion to under-the-radar sounds.

You’re just as likely to become engrossed in deep psychological motifs as you are sweltering low end in a Kastle set and the R U 4 REAL EP sees the artist taking his sound back to his UK garage and bass music roots. If there were a modern day club scene in Westworld, this would be the soundtrack. The dance floor ready tracks have already gained support from legends such as El-B & Noodles of Groove Chronicles, Control-S, Shift K3y, Mind Of A Dragon, and more.

Across best selling records, global tours and dozens of Symbols releases, Kastle has shown marked progression, his sound always developing around a core set of ideals. He has the wit and wherewithal to play large stages and tiny rooms, filtering leftfield bass music into his own idiosyncratic aesthetic. His output might not all sound the same, but a thread of never-ceasing evolution is present throughout, making Kastle one of America’s most indispensable contributions to the dance music continuum.